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Appointment Expectations

Congratulations!  We can't wait to meet you!

Upon Arrival


Upon arrival for your appointment , please enter the front parlor, and check in at the front desk. You will be brought to your private bridal suite.  Your suite will accommodate seating for your guest. Your Personal Stylist will pull dresses for you, she help you into each dress. Most of our bridal suites are large enclosed room, you can expect to change in front of your guest and also your Stylist . For your comfortability while changing during your appointment, we encourage you wear undergarments that offer a suitable amount of coverage and are of neutral color.  We do not provided bras, so it would be best to bring a strapless bra to your appointment. If there are any other specialty undergarments, similar to spanks, you will have to provide those as well.

Appointment duration are 30 Minutes to 2 Hours 

upgrade your appointment from Standard or Exclusive

Since the ladies are set in the room with you, we encourage you to wear comfortable undergarments to change in and out of the gowns. Your stylist will help you pull gowns, dress and accessorize. Your stylist will start by discussing your vision or ideas for your wedding gown. Then she will invite you to join her on the floor to choose 3 to 5 gowns. This is just a starting point. In our experience trying a variety of gowns is the best way to discover what you love and what works best for you. After that initial pull, we make other selections based on our knowledge of inventory and years of experience!
This also helps to streamline the hour and a half time frame we have with you and narrow down options until you find your dream dress. We will call the Friday before to confirm your appointment. Your confirmation will ensure that you have a suite and a stylist the day of your appointment. If you need to reschedule or cancel please do so in a timely manner enabling us to offer your appointment to another bride.

A few Bridal Shopping Falasies

  • Q 1 - Who should I bring in my Bride Tribe?

  • A 1 - Here at A-Net’s Bridal our bridal suites comfortable seat 4-5 ladies including you. It is so important when picking out your tribe to make sure you surround yourself with encouraging and uplifting girls who understand your style and how important this day is to you! However, we understand sometimes we want to bring a larger party. For such times we offer a VIP Bridal Suite upstairs in our Ivory Tower. For $130 you and your tribe will receive: 

    • Seating for 6-10 ladies 

    • An extended appointment time of 2 hours

    • Personal bridal stylist 

    • A private changing room

    • Dessert and pastry assortment 

    • Fresh coffee and hot tea

    • Essential oil foot soak

    • Robe to wear between dresses (for snack breaks!)

    • Small kitchenette and glasses for making mimosas if your tribe chooses to bring them! 

Lastly, to ensure the best possible experience for all our brides, we ask that children do not accompany you to the boutique. We want full focus to be on you finding your dream dress!

  • Q 2 - What should I wear to my appointment?

  • A 2 – Keep in mind that you will be changing in front of your party. Our consultants suggest a neutral colored strapless bra and underwear. Bridal dresses all come padded so most of our girls go braless! It helps get the most accurate fit and doesn’t hide any details of the dress. 

  • Q 3 - When should I begin bridal dress shopping?

  • A 3 - Give yourself a year if you can! Bridal gowns can take upwards of 6-7 months to come in. In addition, alterations range from 1-2 months, then a month or so for bridals before your big day as well. 

  • Q 4 - What designers do we carry here at A-Net’s Bridal?

  • A 4 - We carry a variety of private label gowns from designers that are exclusive to A-Net’s Bridal. All dresses are coded with an inventory number and once you purchase the gown all information associated with the dress is released into the system. 

  • Q 5 - What will my appointment consist of?

  • A 5 - We have crafted the perfect experience for your bridal appointment. Each moment is designed to best utilize your time with us. We ask you don’t arrive more than 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. You will check in at the front desk once you arrive where you will then be brought to your bridal suite. Your appointment will be an hour and a half long. Your bridal stylist will be pulling all dresses for you, we ask that your party stays in the suite to avoid having the floor filled while all stylists are trying to pull exactly what your looking for. They will start with 4-5 dresses to then be able to really narrow down what your loving, and to keep dresses on the floor for other brides. Once you have a favorite, your consultant will pull accessories and a veil to complete the bridal look. Once your ready to order, we take measurements and your payment! 

  • Q 6 - Is gratuity included in the price of my dress for my bridal stylist? 

  • A 6 - No! We believe gratuity shouldn’t be a given, but earned by hard work and making sure you have the most magical bridal experience. 

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