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A-Net's Atelier


As a little girl, ”I remember going to the French Quarter and Uptown New Orleans with my mom just to dream, I remember viewing the boutiques and dreaming of having my own one day.”  Annette said. She began designing jewelry at the age of 18, Annette would use Glass Mardi Gras beads in her designs.  She quickly found her passion.  Hours would slip away, never having the feeling of working, instead a creative Spirit was born.  In the beginning she grabbed a jewelry brief case to begin her small endeavor.  With her briefcase, Annette found shops to carry her small jewelry line in New Orleans then expanded to Lafayette.  As her small business grew from a baby to a toddler,  Annette and her husband to be, in 1988 opened their first Store Front in Lafayette LA, in the heart of Cajun Country. She immediately grew to love working one on one with the public, designing for their most special moments. A-Net Fashions, as it was called at that time, outgrew the tiny boutique and moved to a larger location in 1992.  As the business grew, Annette found her designs moving deeper into the bridal industry.  Years past and the business continued with a slow steady increase. Several years later,

Annette and her husband have two boys.  With the opportunity to purchase the first mansion built in Lafayette, they decided to dive into the endeavor and once again take the opportunity to expand.  With lots of prayer and perseverance the purchase was complete.  Now, 10 years later, in 1998, A-Net’s Bridal Boutique moved to the new location, which consist of 5000 square feet.  The conversion of the Hamilton House to A-Net’s Bridal Boutique was complete. A few years later, Annette and her husband now have four boys.  With faith, the family and business have been blessed with continual growth. Even though the business is over 25 years old, Annette and her husband still continue to thrive, and move forward with the love for

A-Net’s Bridal Boutique.  Annette finds herself still designing her exquisite pieces in her Atelier at the family Cypress Farm.  “What a blessing to wake up each morning and see the seasons change, a very calm way to start the day.” Annette says.  She finds herself waking up, designing jewelry in her Cajun Atelier, also, working with her boys and husband at their Essential Oil Company which is located on the Cypress Farm as well, Then with the best of both worlds working at the bridal boutique she still loves, then back to her cajun country property to finish the day watching the sun set.  Now, blessed with a beautiful team of employees,

A-Net’s Bridal Boutique consists of bridal lines from around the world, the newest line from Barcelona is a depiction of how Annette’s childhood dream continues.  While thanking God for a beautiful life,  Annette would love to have the         opportunity to be apart of your Bridal journey.

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