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The History behind A-Net's

Good Inspiration Crosses


Christmas 1996, Annette Simon owner and designer of A-Net's, wanted to make something extraordinarily special for her husband for Christmas. She had a vision to design a beautiful jeweled cross. When the piece was complete, Annette amazed herself with the beauty she created.


Two months later, her son stopped breathing and was miraculously saved by a neighbour who happened to be a CPR teacher at local hospital. To show her appreciation, she blessed him with a jeweled crucifix. Slowly the call to design the crosses became apparent.


Once, a customer lost her six month old child and Annette felt drawn to bestow upon her a jeweled cross, to comfort her and let her know Jesus was with her. Everyone that came in contact with the crosses were moved by their beauty. Annette is moving forward with her "Good Inspiration".


Custom Jewelry

Annette also makes wonderful handmade, custom jewelry for her brides upon request. Her work is outstanding and every bride leaves happy with a unique piece that only she will have.

A-Net's Bridal Boutique
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